Myles Lab Group

I work with students at the PhD (in Geography), Masters (Masters of Applied Geography, Master of Science in Geography, and Masters in Sustainability Studies), and the Undergraduate (Honors Thesis) level on directed, empirical research projects. Theses students, past and present, include:

In progress:


Walter Furness (PhD; expected May 2020)


Colin Iliff (MAG; expected May 2018)

Aspen Navarro (MSS; expected May 2020)

Erin Wieser (MSS; expected May 2020)



Rain Nox (PhD; Aug 2015)


David (Daffy) Gimnich (MAG; Dec 2016)

Ashley Jenkins (MS; Dec 2016)

Christina Lopez (MS; Dec 2016)

Charles (Matt) Rogers (MAG; Dec 2015)

Gabrielle Rosa (MAG; Dec 2015)

Chris Sheffield (MAG; Dec 2016)

Elizabeth Yarborough (MAG; May 2017)

Undergraduate Honors Thesis

Emily Baca (BS; Dec 2015)